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Orlandeau: And this must be Ramza. How you’ve grown, boy! Still, I recognized you at once.
Ramza: Have we met, Excellency?
Orlandeau: Yes, though I can’t say I’m surprised you’ve forgotten. You were only a child of some three or four years at the time. You gave us all quite a fright, trying to lift my sword. Your father gave you a scolding that left you in tears, but at least you weren’t hurt. Ha ha ha.

This is one of the more memorable bits of dialogue in the game, because it’s a remark that seems so out of place. And yet, it’s very relevant. Even from a young age, Ramza always aspired to be like Barbaneth and Cidolfus. Barbaneth’s memory often goes forgotten throughout the game, but his friend’s reminiscence serves as a reminder of the man who shaped most of Ramza’s ideals.

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» FUCK. We’re doomed.

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“I had lived my life the only way that I had known. But when the pillars of that life came crashing down, I did not stand and watch them fall. I turned, and walked away.”
— Ramza Beoulve, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (via alc-alinization)
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Ramza: You think freedom a thing bought and sold? What value, a freedom you have not earned? A man who’s lost his pride can never be free. You surrendered your own freedom the moment you bowed your head to someone undeserving! Freedom and equality cannot be bartered. They are rights - rights earned with sweat, and toil, and blood! Freedom is no raiment of Lucavi weave! They tell you you wear cloth of gold, but in truth you stand more naked as before!

For a moment, I raised an eyebrow at Ramza for his talk of what “freedom” truly means. But then I realized one very important thing: he’s grown up. He’s not the sixteen-year-old squire from Gallione anymore. In my game, he’s twenty-one. He has learned to fight his own battles. In the grand scheme of all the things he’s done, the fact that Ramza was born a Beoulve means little at all. He has more than earned his freedom. He knows what he’s talking about, as he has for a while now.

Ramza’s strength did not come from his family name, nor did it come from denying his nobility. His strength came from his determination to put the world to rights. In the end, it wasn’t his social class that made him a better or worse person. It was the fact that he kept on fighting, no matter what, to save his loved ones and restore peace throughout Ivalice.

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"Ramza’s Theme" || Final Fantasy Tactics OST

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Day 18: Favorite Protagonist

- Ramza Beoulve (PS1/PSP)

Ramza’s heroic actions was never known to the public in Ivalice, the point of his character was to show the true reasons behind virtue; people who do “good” bu manipulation of others are not really viryuous, and FFT tries to express this through its characters. True good expressed through justice, is shown by Ramza; false “good”, expressed through manipulation with good intentions, is expressed by Delita. Likewise, the heroic actions are rarely recognized or commended, but are necessary regardless of the lack of rewards. [wiki]

I don’t get why Ramza isn’t a very popular FF protagonist. He is loyal to those he care and his character development was excellent! 

Now, if they could just add him in Dissidia…

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Ramza Beoulve With the Ragnarok Sword!

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Ramza (FFT).

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